Our Team

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Tim Lopers                                                 Producer

Never happy with the status quo of his suburban upbringing, Tim grew up fighting with authority, but would eventually find solace in music and art. Searching to flee the addiction that would eventually control his teenage years, Tim joined the Army.  However he only found more reason to use.  After a long and deadly battle with addiction, Tim finally got clean, and started putting his life back together.


Chris Norman                                             Director

Chris Norman is an emerging filmmaker currently attending Humber’s Film and Television Production program with an emphasis on directing and writing. He obtained an Honours Bachelor of Science with Distinction from the University of Toronto majoring in Psychology and English which he uses to assist with writing and crafting stories, as well as understanding behaviour and psychology with relation to blocking and directing.

Mike Kashuba           Director of Photography

Born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, Michael’s passion and dedication for film drove him to the thriving industry in Toronto. Taking classes at University of Toronto, Sheridan College, and currently Humber College, has taught him the theoretical, practical, and technical knowledge of film production.  He was a camera operator on the short documentary Uber: Life in the Fast Lane (2017), Assistant Camera on the short documentary Nature's Call (2018) and most recently director of photography on the documentary Methadone: Painted into a Corner (2018). 

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Nathanael Duncan       Sound Technician

Nathanael Duncan is a production designer and art director who specializes in set design for animated films. He started his career as a camera operator for live television at Cogeco until making the transition to film in the late 2000’s. He has designed and constructed sets for various animated shorts and has been involved with dozens of student productions over the past few years. He currently lives in Toronto, Ontario.

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Adam Sousa                   Picture Editor

Adam Sousa is a young filmmaker who was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. He is currently attending the Humber Film and Television Production program, majoring in editing. Sousa has always obtained a surging passion for film, starting from a young age, at 16 he directed, wrote and edited his first short film, The Job (2014). More recently he directed, wrote and edited a short film titled Framed (2017), was editor on the mini-documentary The Art of the Story (2017) and editor/sound mixer on the short documentary Methadone: Painted Into a Corner (2018).